The Munigroup Team

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Muni Team

The MuniGroup Team

Our team has decades of experience in a variety of roles that support our goal to deliver best in class municipal bond services. Each of the team members has a unique background that creates a diversity to the skillset of The MuniGroup. With our collective leadership we aim to ensure your next project is as streamlined, informed, and successful as possible.


Jane McMillan is a Principal at The MuniGroup. Her responsibilities include project management, production, and fulfillment. She has been employed in a variety of production environments for over 7 years.

McMillan has been involved in the municipal bond industry as a project manager producing, posting, distributing both email and hard copy bond statements as well as investor presentations for working groups all over the U.S. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Arts from Wayne State University.



Janis Valenti is a Principal at The MuniGroup. In this role, Valenti oversees all aspects of day to day operations to ensure client needs are addressed timely and accurately. She also assists with sales, new product development, accounting and marketing.

Valenti has been employed in the municipal bond industry since 2009 and prior to this, she spent 20+ years working in the Litigation support industry.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and MBA in Finance from Wayne State University. She also received her Associate Broker license in real estate in 2019.



Chip Van Antwerp is a Principal at The MuniGroup. In this role, he is responsible for the day to day operations and new sales and marketing along with supporting employees and clients of the MuniGroup.

Van Antwerp has been involved in the municipal bond industry for over 20 years.  His early days started at Pandick Financial Printing based out of Chicago.  His past work experience includes the role of sales executive at MuniDeals, Computing Source, D4, and Detroit Legal Imaging.  He was also part owner of a litigation company, ARS Litigation Services.


Muni Dedication

In Dedication to

James T. Higgins

June 30, 1953 – November 18, 2010

This is a tribute to James T. Higgins, a former associate, co-worker, boss and more importantly, a friend. We all knew him by Jim and couldn’t help but love his Irish roots and his contagious laugh. One of his favorite quotes was, “What’s the sense in being Irish if you can’t do something stupid once in a while.” Although, this was quite contradictory, as Jim was a highly intelligent man who headed up many thriving businesses. Much of his success was due to his hard work, optimistic character and creative nature.

The MuniGroup, LLC was launched in 2018. Much of the vision for The MuniGroup is a direct result of our association with Jim Higgins. Jim introduced us to the financial printing industry in 2004, and at this time, when printing was the norm and electronic disclosure was just seeing the light, Jim could already foresee the direction of this industry. He owned and operated a company that served the municipal bond market and was among the first to introduce the technology needed to be successful.

Right when he was at the top of his game, tragedy hit and Jim was diagnosed with brain cancer. His optimism had him fighting until the end which came exactly 1 year from the date of his diagnosis. He is most remembered for his wisdom, intelligence, risk-taking, loving nature, and his infectious laugh. We truly gained valuable knowledge from Jim and hope to continue his vision through The MuniGroup.

In remembrance of Jim, The MuniGroup make a donationto a different charity every year. We thank you as your business helps us to pay it forward to others!